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Dave Hendricks

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Dave is the COO and CFO of LiveIntent, a real time ad platform for email. Based in NYC, Dave focuses on corporate development, clients, and finance related issues. Prior to LiveIntent, Dave was EVP of Datran Media and GM of its StormPost ESP. Dave has extensive experience in the ESP and Data Marketing sector, having been a senior executive with Experian CheetahMail, InfoUSA and Oracle Corporation.

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  • Why The Time Is Perfect For The IAB's Data Center Of Excellence  in Search & Performance Marketing Daily on 01/27/2016

    Ad tech and online advertising as a whole are undergoing a period of drastic change. If mobile kills the former Internet marketing star, how does the a tech industry respond before the unthinkable happens: digital dimes are turned into mobile pennies?

  • Avoid The Email Zombie Attack in Marketing Daily on 11/05/2011

    Zombies are cool -- and if you love zombies you have to love email. Don't see the correlation? Let me explain.

  • Leveraging Existing Customer Relationships  in Email Insider on 04/06/2009

    Focus on your company's strongest assets -- your existing customer list. It often plays second fiddle next to acquiring new customers, but it shouldn't.

  • Information Wants To Be Free -- Or Does It?  in Email Insider on 12/08/2008

    Since Gutenberg's introduction of movable type in the 1450s, information has yearned to be free. The U.S. Constitution codified the legal basis of copyright in 1787. As long as the printed word and art have been monetized, their producers have been protected from free distribution and compensated for their work. Today, that model is under attack by the transformational technology of the Internet and its ability to simultaneously distribute content. This shift in distribution has forced content companies to devise entirely new business models to maintain profitability. Can newspapers follow?

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  • Mobile, iPad Email Use Spikes by Mark Walsh (Online Media Daily on 12/06/2011)

    Every iPad, iPhone and Android is now shipping with an HTML5 email reader. The first thing that anyone does after turning on their new phone is set up their email address. Users spend 25 minutes of every mobile hour on email, more than social, voice, or gaming. People obsessively check their email in line at stores, sitting in theater, waiting for train, waiting for friends.

  • The Newsletter Renaissance by Mike May (Email Insider on 11/16/2011)

    Newsletters are the best palette for a more sophisticated message. People who read newsletters are the most 'intentful' audience. They have already taken three distinct actions prior to reading your newsletter: 1. signed up 2. opened their email client 3. chose to read your newsletter by clicking. Once they get to your newsletter, they are locked in. And focused. And then they click. And read. and spend. Now that everyone is using smartphones and reading email everywhere they go, newsletters have a very bright future.

  • The Lay Of The Email IPO Land by David Goetzl (Online Media Daily on 12/09/2009)

    What happened to Constant Contact? Since their IPO 2 years ago they have stabilized and now have a nice $450+ million market cap. They should have been mentioned. That's a pretty successful outcome.

  • How Many Ways Can You Mess Up An Email Program? by editor and David Baker (Email Insider on 06/29/2009)

    David - you speak with the confidence and authority of someone who has made the mistakes himself! Changing providers makes sense sometimes, and at other times it doesn't. Essentially, changing email providers falls prey to the 'definition of insanity' - that is if you change providers but do not also change your own processes and programs. Providers all have weaknesses, and they are all challenged by their own technology. However, like all systems, they require good input to drive the best output (results). A close working relationship with your ESP, including expectation and goal setting, measurement, feedback, planning and iterative improvement all contribute to mutual success. Thanks for taking the time to write a thoughtful piece like this. Dave

  • Leveraging Existing Customer Relationships by Dave Hendricks (Email Insider on 04/06/2009)

    Hey Folks: Thanks for the comments. Since this article is meant not to be 'promotional' I couldn't comment that Datran Media recently worked with one of the largest department store chains on one of these projects. We reactivated 450,000 customers who had not responded in a year. While doing that, we reduced the amount of mail sent by the company's ESP. So they realized a cost savings and re-engaged with their clients. These customers were once interested in your brand. You can reignite their interest. Don't let them drop out of the bottom of the bag! Dave

  • My Last Column On The Newspaper Industry by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 01/08/2009)

    First, John Smith should get over it: McCain lost and you and the rest of people who think that the media caused him to lose should have your heads examined. Palin lost it for him, and lost it ONLINE and via word of mouth. Newspapers didn't need to help him lose and they are not committing suicide by publishing 'Socialist' news. Second, Cuban's idea is interesting but why a joint venture? Doesn't advertising serve the same purpose? With the huge salaries that pro athletes are paid, the owners need to squeeze other costs and maximize revenues. Newspapers won't do that for them. If he thinks it's such a good idea, why doesn't he do it himself? I love newspapers and hope they survive but I am concerned that the current ad climate, economic climate and move to the internet dooms their current business model to the dustbin next to the buggy whip, stable and ice house category.

  • Bigger Role For BT In Recession by Phil Leggiere (Data and Targeting Insider on 12/10/2008)

    We agree wholeheartedly. Measurability and results rule in this economic environment, and I bet we will never go back. If you are interested in more info about demographic and behavioral reporting, targeting and retargeting see and learn about Aperture.

  • Information Wants To Be Free -- Or Does It? by Dave Hendricks (Email Insider on 12/08/2008)

    Hey Folks - thanks for the comments! My modest proposal is not to force folks to pay, but to require them to accept the occasional email ad sent to them in the regular stream of emails they get from the paper. If you don't accept advertising, you don't get the news. Advertising and News has gone hand in hand since Poor Richard's Almanac, and before that probably. Just because online news has been free for a short period of time doesn't mean that it makes sense for it to be free forever. We are killing the golden - okay maybe silver - goose by not paying our news gathering organizations for their product. Newspapers need to maximize their revenues. If they all woke up and started doing this they might be able to pay for some of their reporters and avoid layoffs. I hope they take me up on the offer to help.

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