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Friday, July 17, 2015
  • Web Video Streamer 'Potentially Entitled' To Compulsory License

    In a blow to the broadcast networks, a federal judge ruled on Thursday that online video distributor FilmOn is "potentially entitled" to a compulsory … Read the whole story

  • Why The Biggest Debate In Advertising Is Irrelevant

    For the last five years, advertising has hosted an ever-louder and more-vicious fight: TV versus digital spend. We've seen the weekly declarations that TV … Read the whole story

  • Hulu May Debut Ad-Free Service

    Hulu is considering offering up an ad-free stand-alone service -- in an effort to compete with Netflix and Amazon. A report in "The Wall … Read the whole story

  • Corralling the Data Around Mobile Shopping

    For some parts of mobile shopping, it's all about the numbers. Anyone tracking mobile shopping behavior is aware that the data coming from shopping … Read the whole story

  • 'National Journal' To Shutter Print Edition

    Atlantic Media's National Journal will cease publishing its print edition at the end of the year, while simultaneously bolstering its online coverage of political … Read the whole story