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Monday, November 16, 2015
  • Appeals Court Prohibits Illinois Sheriff From Trying To Defund Backpage

    Illinois Sheriff Thomas Dart may no longer "formally or informally" attempt to persuade credit card companies from providing services to Backpage.com, a federal appellate ... Read the whole story

  • Google Must Face Safari-Hack Lawsuit, Appeals Court Says

    In a blow to Google, a federal appellate court has revived a lawsuit accusing the company of violating Safari users' privacy by circumventing their ... Read the whole story

  • Microsoft Recognizes Behavior In Images

    Computers are just beginning to identify emotions communicated by the facial expressions in an image. Some call this face tracking -- and it will ... Read the whole story

  • When Should Publishers Offer Free Access During Emergencies?

    Big newspaper publishers on Friday and over the weekend faced an internal dilemma, requiring them to balance business against civic duty. When is it ... Read the whole story