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Tuesday, January 26, 2016
  • Carrier IQ Privacy Suit Settles For $9 Million

    Software developer Carrier IQ and several mobile phone manufacturers will pay a total of $9 million to settle a class-action privacy lawsuit. Read the whole story

  • Social Media Linked To Sleep Loss, Again

    This week brought even more evidence linking social media to sleep disturbances in young adults, potentially affecting their physical and emotional well-being and academic … Read the whole story

  • Valuable Audiences Have Higher Fraud Rates

    High demand and constrained supply in ad formats is ripe for fraudsters, says one of the top monitors of audience verification. Read the whole story

  • The New Reach Of Beacons: Broadway, Rite-Aid, Sales Terminals

    Beacons may be the most pervasive connected devices that consumers experience in the near future. A couple of years in the making, beacons are … Read the whole story

  • Is What's Good For Publishers Good For Consumers?

    Can publishers block the ad blockers and maintain their relationships with users? Read the whole story