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Wednesday, September 21, 2016
  • Obama Hails Social Media, Warns Against Misuse In Final U.N. Address

    Social media has exploded into a global phenomenon as Barack Obama's presidency draws to a close, but he also warned that social media has … Read the whole story

  • ANA Raises Concerns About FCC Plan To Replace Set-Top Boxes With Apps

    The Federal Communications Commission's newly revised plan to enable consumers to watch pay-TV without cable boxes could boost piracy, according to the Association of … Read the whole story

  • Researchers Remotely Hack Tesla Model S, Abruptly Brake Moving Car, Open Trunk, Move Seats

    Internet-connected cars, one of the larger promised elements within the Internet of Things, may still have some bugs to be worked out. Researchers from … Read the whole story

  • Yahoo Brings Search Retargeting To Gemini Native Ad Inventory

    Yahoo has announced search retargeting through its Gemini native ad inventory in the United States, allowing advertisers to reach potential customers without first having … Read the whole story