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Friday, September 23, 2016
  • ABC And Yahoo Sued By Father Who Streamed Baby's Birth

    A California resident who used Facebook to live stream his wife giving birth has sued ABC and Yahoo for allegedly infringing his copyright by … Read the whole story

  • Advertisers May Not 'Like" Facebook As Much Now

    Is there a Facebook emoji that shows an exec with egg on his face? Maybe there ought to be. Facebook just admitted it wildly … Read the whole story

  • Mediasmith Drops 4As Membership, Issues 'Client Bill Of Rights'

    Mediasmith, an independent digital agency based in San Francisco, has pulled out of the 4As, citing the trade association's failure to support the Association … Read the whole story

  • Publishers Should Love Google And Facebook, Tackle News-Thieving Parasite Start-Ups Instead

    Why are the news organisations rounding on Google and Facebook who send them millions of readers. Surely start-up parasite brands using social to pass … Read the whole story

  • Email Blacklisting Can Last Up To Two Weeks, Study Says

    Being blacklisted can have severe consequences for email marketers, leading to lower deliverability rates that can last as long as two weeks, according to … Read the whole story