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Tuesday, September 27, 2016
  • Media Researchers May Need To Onboard Privacy Controls To Avoid Matching Respondent Identities

    An unintended consequence of the consumer data privacy discussion is that it's beginning to raise questions for some of the oldest and most established … Read the whole story

  • New California Law Requires Amazon's IMDb To Censor Actors' Ages

    Amazon's Internet Movie Database will be required to remove information about some actors' ages, thanks to a new California law. Read the whole story

  • Disney May Bid For Twitter, Too

    The Mouse is throwing his hat in the ring. Walt Disney Co., may decide to bid for Twitter, too. Read the whole story

  • Affiliate Marketing Network Responsible For 'Fake News' Sites, Appeals Court Says

    Siding with the FTC, a federal appellate court ruled that the affiliate marketing company LeadClick is responsible for fake news sites that promoted weight-loss … Read the whole story