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Monday, February 20, 2017
  • Facebook Wins Battle Over Text Alerts

    A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit accusing the company of violating an anti-spam law by repeatedly sending people unwanted text messages. Read the whole story

  • Ignite Search Tool Identifies Average-Joe Influencers For Brands

    A tool that will become available this week from Insightpool allows marketers to search through a database of more than 600 million social profiles ... Read the whole story

  • Newspaper Threatens Libel Suit Over 'Fake News' Insult

    Everyone has been throwing the phrase "fake news" around rather freely over the last few months, but we may all have to start being ... Read the whole story

  • Second Owners Of Smart Devices May Inherit Security Risks

    When connected things are sold, they don't necessarily know they were sold. The connectivity, or link to the former owner, may continue to reside ... Read the whole story

  • Notes From The Front

    Trump's escalating war with America's news media has been alarmingly transparent. What's going on behind the scenes is a clandestine war to steer Americans ... Read the whole story