• Real-Time Personalisation The Latest Tool In Driving Email Engagement
    It used to be enough to personalise emails when they were sent. The latest trend is to personalise again, in real-time, when they are opened.
  • How Email Is Unlocking Millennials' Display Potential
    Even if they're not reading your offers, an email address can target Millennials with better display and compelling retargeting.
  • Email Needs Metrics That Speak The Language Of Business
    Automation is making email central to measuring the customer journey, yet it still measures "bounce" and "open" rates rather than conversion scores.
  • Don't Tell 'Em What You Got, Show Them What They Want
    Retailers need to get away from legacy days of emails shifting stock so customers are shown what they want, not what the retailer needs to shift.
  • Cross-Channel Turns 'Ugly Duckling' Email Into An ID Linchpin
    Identifying shoppers cross-channel is putting email in the limelight, where it belongs.
  • Brands' Choice: Respond To Emails, Or Pay To Recruit New Customers
    By ignoring customer emails and concentrating on social, brands risk the expense of replacing previously happy customers.
  • Customer Behaviour Should Guide Marketers On Email Frequency
    Marketers worry about how often they should email customers. The advice from reed.co.uk is to let customer behaviour set the tempo, so they remain in control.
  • Formula For Email Success: Help Three Times, Sell Once
    Are you more sales-driven than helpful in email? It's only by adding true value that customers will engage with emails and be ready to convert.
  • Date Night Mentality Keeps Email Fresh
    Don't ditch the make-up or watch the game in your underwear; keep discovering more about customers to keep email fresh and relevant.
  • Insider's Guide To New EU Data Regulations
    Email marketers, tech teams and copywriters must act now to inform and then segment consumers to avoid massive DGPR fines.
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