• Email: A Perfect Channel For Testing
    Thinking about your digital marketing, what do you test? Pricing, grouping, offers, creative, form fields, layout, copy, colour and more? Hopefully these are just some of the tests you are performing on your website, landing pages, e-commerce site, PPC and banners ads.
  • Preparing For Black Friday: A Cure For Browse And Cart Abandonment
    Last year there were positive signs that Europe was emerging from the dark economic times of recent years. On Boxing Day there were 129 million visits from Internet users to retail websites, making it the U.K.'s biggest online shopping day ever. Meanwhile, in Germany there was a huge 54.4% increase in online sales from mid-October to 24th December, equating to a staggering EUR8.5 billion. These big overarching numbers warm the heart of e-commerce professionals, but it is a competitive market and you need to fight for every new customer, and every sale counts. No
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