Email Marketing Daily
Thursday, August 24, 2017
  • UnsubCentral Releases Tool To Capture Customer Data, Grow Email Lists

    UnsubCentral, an email compliance and data list management solution, released a new tool this week that helps brands capture customer data for more targeted … Read the whole story

  • Semcasting Acquires Transparency AI

    Semcasting has acquired Transparency AI and will serve the automotive industry. Read the whole story

  • Automation Fortifies Email Marketing

    Email marketing has been around for decades, says the report. And despite all the tools available to marketers today, email remains one of the … Read the whole story

  • A Wishbone, A Backbone, A Funny Bone

    According to the National Retail Federation, 40% of consumers will start their shopping before Halloween. That's just over 70 days from now, which means … Read the whole story