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Thursday, December 27, 2018
  • Facebook Is Least-Trusted Tech Outfit: Poll

    Google is seen as untrustworthy with personal data by 6%, while 40% trust Facebook least with personal information, according to a poll by Toluna. … Read the whole story

  • SendGrid Sued By Shareholders Over Twilio Deal

    The complaint alleges that SendGrid made incomplete disclosures to the SEC about its financial projections. Read the whole story

  • NexTech Adds IBM Machine Learning To Platform

    The machine-learning technology allows brands to scan faces and sizes to determine the best offers. Read the whole story

  • Vermont Asks Judge To Throw Out Challenge To Net Neutrality Law

    "Plaintiffs do not allege that any of their members have ever done anything in Vermont inconsistent with net neutrality," Vermont's attorney general argues in … Read the whole story

  • CDP's Under The Microscope

    Marketer interest in CDPs continues to accelerate. In the first half of 2018, Gartner client inquiries pertaining to CDPs doubled when compared with the … Read the whole story