NexTech Adds IBM Machine Learning To Platform

NexTech AR Solutions is integrating IBM Watson's machine-learning algorithms into its augmented reality (AR) ecommerce platform, the firm announced on Thursday.   

Scheduled for rollout in February 2019, the new features will allow ecommerce brands to scan the body, hands, feet and facial features of shoppers to understand their sizes and preferences, the firm says.

Presumably, this could enable advanced firms to send personalized offers by email, text and web in real time. 

Companies can also create AR holograms that act as personal shopping assistants, NexTech adds.

"So far, AR has proven to be a very effective way to bring the in-store experience to the home in an engaging way, so rather than customers visiting a brick-and-mortar store, AR allows them to experience 3D products and services right in their homes," states Evan Gappelberg, CEO of NexTech.

Gappelberg adds that “it’s no longer just a 3D product view,” and claims that AI-driven AR can increase sales and reduce returns.



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