Email Marketing Daily
Friday, June 4, 2021
  • Study: Consumers Want To Know What Data Brands Have On Them

    Most are nervous about online data security. And they support Apple's transparency moves. Read the whole story

  • Sales Reps Pull Better Close Rates When Offered Incentives, Study Finds

    Email is also an important factor, driving higher B2B close rates when it is done properly, SetSail reports. Read the whole story

  • Supreme Court Pares Back Anti-Hacking Law

    In a closely watched case, the Supreme Court Thursday voted 6-3 to narrow the scope of a 1980s-era anti-hacking law. Read the whole story

  • It's Time to Unite Brand And Response Advertising

    Think of this merger as a new model, precision branding, that closes the age-old, counterproductive divide in marketing planning. Read the whole story