Study: Consumers Want To Know What Data Brands Have On Them

Consumers are nervous about data security, according to a new study by Axway. 

Of those polled, 82% are concerned that their online data may not be secure. And 82% want to know what specific data firms have collected on them. 

However, 59% feel it’s worth sharing data with companies if it results in a better experience. 

Overall, 75% prefer to work with firms that have a more secure plan for protecting personal data. Yet 36% say it depends on how much they trust the brand. 

Only 33% trust Big Tech more with their data than smaller, independent or local companies. And 49% trust the large and small brands about the same.

Meanwhile, roughly 75% believe all operating systems should follow the example of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency network. This means the systems would block advertisers from tracking activity and preferences across applications without the consumer’s permission.



“Eliminating friction in customer experiences is the biggest competitive advantage, and these survey results point to security breaches and privacy concerns as a snag in the fabric of the seamless experience people have come to expect,” states Brian Pagano, vice president and chief catalyst for Axway.


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