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Tuesday, February 11, 2020
  • Omnicom Posts Revenue, Profit Gains In Fourth Quarter

    In the U.S. growth was 2.8%, while the UK was up 3.3%, Europe was up 4.7% and Asia up 4.5%. Latin America posted a ... Read the whole story

  • YouTube May Become Streaming Subscription Aggregator

    Perhaps following the example of Apple TV Channels, YouTube is talking with media owners about selling subscriptions to their streaming services through the YouTube ... Read the whole story

  • Ad-Tech Deals Rose 72% In 2019

    Data from Results International shows consolidation of DSPs, DMPs and SSPs and reveals that content recommendation engines drove most of the deals. Read the whole story

  • Report: In-House Shops Stymied By Corporate Red Tape

    IHAs are undergoing growing pains, with financial support for the in-house model one major issue. Read the whole story

  • What If Google Acquired Tesla? One Analyst Says No

    A group led by MIT engineers and Wall Street analysts are speculating about the sale of Tesla to Google and what it would mean ... Read the whole story