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Tuesday, February 25, 2020
  • Voice Commerce Declines In 2020: Report

    Some 33% of consumers surveyed say a lack of security features stops them from making more purchases via voice-enabled devices like Amazon Alexa and ... Read the whole story

  • What Browsers Reveal When They Share Data

    Findings from a study published Monday, which analyzed six browsers, show how they track user location and share browsing history. Read the whole story

  • Netflix Adds Daily Top 10 Movie, Show Rankings By Country

    After testing rankings in a few markets, Netflix is now offering overall top 10, as well as top 10 movies and top 10 TV ... Read the whole story

  • Neutronian Creates FICO Score For Data Quality, Launch Advisors Omnicom, Goodway Group

    Neutronian will announce Tuesday the launch of a compliance and source measurement verification platform that scores data quality for marketers and advertisers. Read the whole story

  • Chooses Insider To Drive Cross-Channel Personalization

    The platform delivers a tailored experience across email, the web and other channels, the company says. Read the whole story