Marketing D2C Weekly Editions for November 2021
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Nov. 29, 2021
'Namastay Away, Lululemon:' Peloton Bites Back in Leggings Free-For-All
Online Spending Was Flat On Black Friday, But Should Be Strong On Cyber Monday, Adobe Reports
Best Buy's Heavy Traffic Proves People Craving In-Store Experiences
Fear Of Checkout: Emotional Reasons For Cart Abandonment
Mind Your P's And Q's: 4 Ways To Improve Your Email Results
Get Up And Go November: Early Sales Figures Reflect Surge Demand
Holiday Apple Pie: MPP Is Having An Impact At A Bad Time
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Nov. 22, 2021
How SmileDirectClub CMO Learns From Brands Like Peloton, Casper
Visible Campaign Cuts The Family Drama Out Of Wireless Plans
If You Know Me, Show It: What Consumers Demand Of Personalization
Shoppers Are Worried About Late Delivery Of Gifts, Study Shows
Shopping Your Own Data: The Uses And Hurdles Of Data-Driven Marketing
Global Grumpiness: Consumers Are Unhappy With Their Digital Experience
Mining The Gold In Your ESP: Many Email Marketers Question Whether It's There
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Nov. 15, 2021
Even Amid Food Cost Worries, Meal Kits Offer Holiday Shine
ThredUp Hits Record Sales As Thrifting Heats Up
Amazon, Old Navy, Petco Rock New Holiday Jams
Firstleaf, Public Goods Celebrate Firsts in D2C Wine Campaigns
The Cupboard Is Bare: Brands Send Billions Of Out-Of-Stock Notifications
Betting On Black Friday: Shoppers Are Waiting For Deals Despite Fear Of Shipping Delays
Brand Romance: Most Marketers Think They Have A Distinct Tone Of Voice
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Nov. 8, 2021
With New Holiday Ads, Bombas Pushes 'Bee Better' Giving
As Sales Sink, Wayfair Introduces New Ads, Video Commerce Content
Email Tipsheet: Improvements And Challenges For 2022
4 Mistakes Ecommerce Marketers Make When Measuring ROAS
The Return Burn: How To Save Holiday Orders And Build Loyalty Online
The Black Friday Beat: The Best Email Cadences, And Who's Using Them
Business Casual: Gen Z Workers Use Company Emails To Shop, Log In To Social
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Nov. 1, 2021
With Nod To 'Seinfeld,' Fiverr Launches 'Something From Nothing'
Amazon Posts Bad-News Earnings, Subdued Outlook
With Vera Wang, Zales Launches Try-At-Home Engagement Rings
From Cinco-To-Go To Agave Bars, Jose Cuervo's COVID Pivot Pays Off
Location, Location, Location: A Better Way Of Targeting Emails For Loyalty Programs
Riding The Tiger: The Problems Facing Email Marketers, And How They're Coping
Night Vision: How Email Marketers Are Adapting To Dark Mode