Marketing Daily
Tuesday, November 6, 2007
  • Toyota's New Corporate Campaign Asks 'Why Not?'

    [Automotive] Steve Sturm, group VP/Toyota Motor North America, says that the effort--six months in the making and following extensive research--is intended to inject an ... Read the whole story

  • Sony's New PlayStation Effort Coincides With Launch

    [Electronics] A research analyst says it's a smart way to launch an ad campaign, during a football game on the weekend when the highest ... Read the whole story

  • Jockey Invites Consumers To Join The 'UnderWars'

    [Retail] follows another recent Web-based effort, She says the two microsites, along with targeted e-mails, sponsorship of select events, in-store promotions and ... Read the whole story

  • McDonald's Touts Greenness With 'Bee Movie' Tie-In

    [Restaurants] The movie's theme offered an opportunity to promote that work, as well as further education about the environment, says Bob Langert, VP/corporate social ... Read the whole story

  • Mattel's Fisher-Price Focuses Smart Cycle In TV Ad

    [Retail] Mattel plans to spend more money on advertising to help lure consumers back this holiday season. The company is focusing on quality control ... Read the whole story

  • Benchmarking: Beginning Of A Measurement Commitment?

    [Trends] Intimate benchmarks--in which two non-competing companies are set against each other--inspire innovative marketing. The results are often richer than those coming out of ... Read the whole story