Marketing Daily
Thursday, November 8, 2007
  • Wal-Mart's Biggest Marketing Tool? Its Web Site

    [Retail] "The same behavior driving Google's growth reflects the increase in visitors we see on our web site traffic," CEO Raul Vazquez tells ... Read the whole story

  • Bridgestone Cuts Two-Year Super Bowl Half-Time Deals

    [Automotive] The company will launch two new TV spots during the game and have a brand experience at the NFL Experience interactive theme park ... Read the whole story

  • Drugmakers Should Focus On Symptoms, Study Finds

    [Pharmaceuticals] "Information about how easy a drug is to use, how a drug works, and offers of discount coupons were all rated lower in ... Read the whole story

  • Sara Lee Profit Sinks, Partly Due To Ad Spend Hike

    [Food] CEO Brenda Barnes told analysts Wednesday morning, "Marketing and research-and-development spending increased significantly to develop and support new, innovative products that will be ... Read the whole story

  • Study: Customer Service Should Be Central To Strategy

    [Retail] "Retailers need to fix the disconnect between their offerings and customers' priorities. Such a disparity is a major threat in an age where ... Read the whole story

  • Research Shows '07 To Be Epochal For Internet Ad Spending

    [Trends] Internet ad spending by American Express, for example, jumped by 180%, while its total ad spending dropped by 13.1%. EMarketer recently predicted that ... Read the whole story