Marketing Daily
Thursday, November 29, 2007
  • Nascar: So Many Brands, So Many Opportunities

    [Sports] How do brands love Nascar? Nextel, UPS, Coca-Cola and Chevron count the ways at the Motorsports Marketing Forum. Said Dean Kessel, director of … Read the whole story

  • FTC Pushes Up Hearings On Environmental Marketing Guides

    [Electronics] The announcement came days before Greenpeace released the sixth edition of its "Guide to Greener Electronics." Microsoft, Nintendo, Philips and Sharp rank at … Read the whole story

  • Today's FDA Hearing To Focus On Sodium Content In Food

    [Food] The Food and Drug Administration today will hold a public hearing on the amount of sodium in packaged and processed foods. The hearing … Read the whole story

  • Prediction: '07 May Be Slowest Year Since Last Century

    [Automotive] The prognosticators at, an online research and marketing site for auto shoppers, have seen the future, and it's small. The Los Angeles-based … Read the whole story

  • Gap To Launch Designer Line Of Women's Shoes

    [Retail] Gap, which has been fighting to shake off a persistent decline in sales, clearly thinks shoes might be part of its salvation. A … Read the whole story

  • Diamond Foods Readies New Ads, Declines Super Bowl

    [Food] The company will leverage the success it has enjoyed since employing the late Robert Goulet to act out of character in an amusing … Read the whole story