Marketing Daily
Friday, January 25, 2008
  • NHL All-Star Game Attracts Deep Pockets

    [Sports] Anheuser-Busch, Bank of America, Cisco Systems, Ticketmaster, Verizon and XM Satellite have committed more than $10 million to participate in local and national … Read the whole story

  • Here's What Merck, Schering-Plough Should Do

    Yes, the makers of Zetia and Vytorin are taking out full-page ads in national newspapers, but what percentage of people currently taking these drugs … Read the whole story

  • J.D. Power Says Hummer Has Friendliest Web Site

    [Automotive] Arianne Walker, director of automotive marketing and media research at J.D. Power, says that the vast majority--around 70%--of new-vehicle buyers are going online … Read the whole story

  • Hershey Hustles To Boost Marketing, Launch Premium Products

    [Food] "The bigger problem for Hershey is finding a way for consumers to understand the relationship between Hershey's reputation as a children's and mass … Read the whole story

  • Food Intake, Obesity Handled Differently, Same World Over

    [Research] Marketers of food and diet products should note not only that there are cultural differences and similarities when it comes to food and … Read the whole story

  • GM's Chevy Division Hopes To Paint Tinseltown Green

    [Automotive] Chevrolet will have 100 Tahoe Hybrids, FlexFuel E85 Tahoe and Suburban SUVs on hand to take talent to the awards telecast and related … Read the whole story