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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
  • Audi Ties R8 To Promotion Of 'Iron Man,' Due Out May 2

    [Automotive] "You will naturally get a halo effect from the car. People will say 'That's a what? Audi? I didn't know they could do … Read the whole story

  • Top 10 Most Powerful Brands

    1 Google 2 General Electric 3 Microsoft 4 Coca-Cola 5 China Mobile 6 IBM 7 Apple 8 McDonald's 9 Nokia 10 Marlboro Source: Millward … Read the whole story

  • Shoppers Plan To Cut Back On Mom's Big Day

    [Retail] One exception to the new conservatism is jewelry. While the NRF poll found that fewer shoppers overall will buy mama some bling (29.7% … Read the whole story

  • AT&T Rings Up Profit As Land Lines Turn Cellular

    [Telecom] "As wireless grows, AT&T; hopes to leave its consumer wireline heritage far astern, but it can only do so to a degree," writes … Read the whole story

  • Ford Leverages Model T Centennial To Celebrate Ford

    [Automotive] A company spokesperson did not say whether Ford was going to run corporate ads reminiscing about the car. But the centennial is timed … Read the whole story

  • Restaurants May Gobble Up Tax Rebates, Study Finds

    [Research] Restaurants that want to up their odds should also take note of a separate NPD survey that's soon to be released. This one … Read the whole story

  • WD-40 Puts An End To The Lost Little Red Straws

    [Packaged Goods] Five years in the making, all 8-, 11- and 12-ounce cans will feature a permanently attached straw that puts an end to … Read the whole story