Marketing Daily
Tuesday, August 26, 2008
  • Calvin Klein Hangs Shingle On Web For 'Better' Brand

    The company says the online store will get Web ads and traditional print ad support with the Web address featured in ads. Calvin Klein ... Read the whole story

  • Old Orchard Using Social Media For Low-Sugar Lines

    "We want to eliminate the guesswork by placing nutrition information up front," says Kevin Miller, Old Orchard's vice president of marketing, "and at the ... Read the whole story

  • Who's Downloading Music?

    The Top 10 cities in which adults who have downloaded music in the last 30 days live: 1. Austin, Texas 2. Miami/ Ft. Lauderdale, ... Read the whole story

  • Symetra Campaign Takes Sting Out Of Turning 65

    The heart of the program is a group of online videos of people confronting the idea of the traditional retirement age of 65. In ... Read the whole story

  • Popeye's Goes National With Rebranding Campaign

    The company is positioning itself with a paradoxical fast-food meets slow-cooking ethos, complete with a new tag, "Louisiana Fast." The tag refers to the ... Read the whole story