Marketing Daily
Wednesday, March 30, 2011
  • Q&A: Meet Gen Y, The Sherpa Parents

    When it comes to Gen Y, demographers tend to be a little unkind: "Entitled" and "impatient" are words that come up often. But as ... Read the whole story

  • Hanging On By A Thread

    We're only looking for people who can bring skills and knowledge to the table, without the attitude. Wet behind the ears need not apply. Read the whole story

  • Timing Is Everything

    The timing of commercial delivery deserves the same level of focus and attention as the choice of target demo or creative execution. Read the whole story

  • Fanta Unveils Global 'Less Serious' Campaign

    The strategic unification is a necessary next step for the brand, given its large and expanding global footprint, and is also designed to enhance ... Read the whole story

  • Infiniti Luxury Sales Heading South, Literally

    Nissan Motor's Infiniti luxury brand is heading way south. The company will begin sales in Australia starting in 2012, according to the company. Infiniti, ... Read the whole story

  • Haier Launches Days Full Of Earth-centered Vids

    As part of the nearly month-long program, Haier has launched a microsite,, which will feature a new video featuring an environmental advocate or ... Read the whole story

  • Three Olives Vodka Launches $10M Campaign

    The animated campaign, which includes six 30-second and 15-second spots, is from Los Angeles-based M&C Saatchi, which recently won the business. The ads are ... Read the whole story

  • Non-Burger Chains Up In EquiTrend Score

    The study gives Subway the nod as "Quick Serve Restaurant Brand of the Year," followed by Dairy Queen, Wendy's and McDonald's. But the companies ... Read the whole story