Marketing Daily
Wednesday, April 6, 2011
  • Mars Dominates Q1's Most Effective TV Ads

    Mars Inc. had four out of the 10 most effective television ads running in the first quarter, according to Ace Metrix. The humorous commercial … Read the whole story

  • Super-Charge Product Sampling, Event Marketing

    The most effective sampling efforts reach consumers at the point of use, when and where they are most receptive to the brand's message. Read the whole story

  • Q&A: BMW Venture Firm Has An 'I' On Startups

    Joerg Reimann, BMW i Ventures managing director and VP of strategy and target management at BMW Group, was in town last week for the … Read the whole story

  • Tomorrow Is Today

    Young Latinos take the lead in growth numbers. And they're more connected than ever. Read the whole story

  • Luxury Watches Make A Splash In Switzerland

    But there's also clear evidence of an industry struggling to keep pace with a changing luxury market. "Luxury watches and jewelry are an extremely … Read the whole story

  • Invesco Advises Against 'Accidental' Investing

    A new multifaceted campaign focuses on the post-recession investor who is seeking a better way to manage their investment portfolio in the wake of … Read the whole story

  • AT&T Enlists Jimenez In Hispanic Campaign

    AT&T is looking to connect with U.S. Hispanics, the culture and their passions through the power of music, with a new Spanish advertising campaign … Read the whole story

  • NBA Campaign Lets The Ball Do The Talking

    The National Basketball Association is letting the ball talk in a major ad campaign to promote the playoffs and finals. The new campaign, via … Read the whole story