Marketing Daily
Monday, January 23, 2012
  • Scooters And Smaller Motorcycles Help Grow Market

    Motorcycles and scooters are a discretionary spend? Maybe that was so in the past, but it's changing. As gasoline prices stay relatively high (and … Read the whole story

  • Why Animals Rock The Super Bowl

    Budweiser's magnificently predictable Clydesdales. A righteous pug kicking down doors for Doritos. Chimpanzee colleagues who misbehave in parking lots. Soulful beavers. Clearly, Super Bowls … Read the whole story

  • Video Rental Stores On 'Life Support'

    The end of the video store is nigh. According to the NPD Group, consumer rentals of DVD and Blu-Ray movies fell 11% in 2011, … Read the whole story

  • Kraft Cheese Veers A Bit From The Mainstream

    The new campaign from Kraft Cheese is unusual because it spans five product lines, and because of its scale: With a budget of approximately … Read the whole story

  • MetroPCS Gets Into Sports

    Dallas-based wireless company MetroPCS is sponsoring the Olympic USA Basketball team with a road show called the "USA Basketball Dream Tour." The tour, which … Read the whole story

  • QR Codes: The Active Link Between Direct Mail, Web and Mobile

    Quick Response codes provide a dynamic link to propel the customer from a direct mail postcard or insert to a carefully designed or even … Read the whole story