Marketing Daily
Tuesday, May 15, 2012
  • Amstel Light Urges Consumers To 'Savor Complexity'

    Amstel Light's new ad campaign, "Savor Complexity," highlights the complexities of simple items. Consumers are encouraged to consider and appreciate things such as the ... Read the whole story

  • BMW Touts Ultimate Service In Campaign

    The campaign shows fictive customers in humorous ads where they do not believe a service advisor when told their maintenance is no cost, and ... Read the whole story

  • Target's Little Shop Of Surprises

    Just as it's rolling out its first phase of The Shops at Target, the retailer has unveiled the lineup up for its next round ... Read the whole story

  • Ford Goes Further With Consideration

    There's been a lot of talk -- both positive and negative -- about Ford Motors' new ad campaign "Go Further," not so much because ... Read the whole story

  • Mobile Mini Takes To TV

    Taking advantage of the planning many consumers may be putting into packing up a house or dorm room for new adventures, Mobile Mini touts ... Read the whole story

  • Consumer Group: FDA Should Squelch NuVal Ratings

    National Consumers League (NCL), a nonprofit consumer group, has sent a complaint to the Food and Drug Administration, arguing that the NuVal nutritional ranking ... Read the whole story

  • Diversify Your Online Marketing: 10 Steps

    As online consumption grows and channels multiply, your local business must incorporate a wide variety of online tactics to reach consumers in the many ... Read the whole story