Marketing Daily
Tuesday, July 30, 2013
  • Behr Goes Meme-Crazy At BuzzFeed

    As an exercise in self-promotion, Behr paint has been using BuzzFeed to reach hipsters who are into do-it-yourself home modification via applying a variety ... Read the whole story

  • Deloitte: For BTS, Internet Dethrones TV

    In a new survey on back-to-school spending trends, consulting giant Deloitte says that while shoppers are considerably more optimistic about their family finances, they're ... Read the whole story

  • Pizza Inn Launches Integrated Branding Campaign

    Pizza Inn, a 55-year-old chain known for its family-friendly, pizza-and-beyond buffet concept, has launched a $1.4-million branding/promotional campaign incorporating digital and mobile, as well ... Read the whole story

  • Esurance Expands Tennis Marketing

    Esurance is rolling out another tennis-focused marketing campaign including a TV spot. The spot, called "Tennis for the Modern World," features the world's #1 ... Read the whole story

  • Dish 'Awfas' Boston-ese Translation

    Of all the dialects in the United States, Boston's is probably one of the most distinctive, but getting it wrong can really grate on ... Read the whole story

  • BMW Unveils I3 In Three Cities

    BMW has pulled the wraps off its first all-electric car, the BMW i3, the concept of which was revealed two years ago. The company ... Read the whole story

  • The Gen X CMO, Smarter Search And Smarter Content

    Agencies and ad-tech software creators need to be able to service the Gen X CMO's requirements in search, share and serendipity marketing -- whether ... Read the whole story

  • Ground Your Innovation Strategy In The Shopper

    Threading shopper insights throughout the NPD process enables manufacturers to optimize their national launch in a relevant, personalized manner. Shopper data also offers a ... Read the whole story