Marketing Daily
Wednesday, August 21, 2013
  • Pepsi, MTV Team To Showcase Katy Perry

    Perry will perform "Roar," her already-released single from the album (which is reportedly setting a singles sales record for Perry), from an undisclosed location ... Read the whole story

  • The Roller-Coaster Ride Has Ended For Theme Parks

    Two-thirds of all teens ages 12-17 have visited a park in the last year. That's actually a decrease from 76% five years ago. Adult ... Read the whole story

  • Holiday Inn Invites Guests To 'Change View'

    IHG's Holiday Inn brand is launching a multimillion campaign with the theme "Change Your View." TV combines the Holiday Inn brand's heritage with its ... Read the whole story

  • Parents Loving Early Price Cuts

    With the first bell of the school year just days away for many families, the National Retail Federation says parents are staying on budget, ... Read the whole story

  • Piecing Together Mobile Analytics Still Too Complicated For Most Brands

    Marketers continue to struggle with mobile analytics. While many brands already have tools in place, only 46% of online professionals have implemented a complete ... Read the whole story

  • A Return To Brick And Mortar

    It's clear that the role of the physical store is changing as innovators adapt offline shopping to deliver an unprecedented level of consumers ... Read the whole story

  • 120-Day Payment Term Survival Guide

    Cash is king in the advertising industry, and if your company's cash is locked up in payment purgatory, it puts your business at risk ... Read the whole story