Marketing Daily
Friday, October 30, 2015
  • Top Athletes Get Cold For Nike

    The ad, "Snow Day," features 21 athletes from the worlds of football, soccer, boxing, tennis, CrossFit, and more who, in the middle of a … Read the whole story

  • Amid Struggles And Acquisitions, Walgreens Pushes Front-of-Store Sales

    Pharmacy sales are complex and challenging. While the company fills some 16% of all prescriptions in the U.S., third-party payers, primarily pharmacy benefit managers … Read the whole story

  • Satisfaction Rises With Mobile-Enabled Tablets

    "The convenience of being continuously connected is a key driver of satisfaction among tablet owners with data plans," said Kirk Parsons, senior director and … Read the whole story

  • Lean Cuisine's Grand Central Installation Makes Weighty Statements

    The video, filmed in a closed shoot, was designed to "start a conversation about valuing women's accomplishments instead of their weight on a scale," … Read the whole story

  • Millennials More Critical Of Major Food Manufacturers

    "Millennials cite high-quality ingredients as the most influential factor when shopping for retail food. Promoting natural ingredients is a step in the right direction … Read the whole story

  • Walk Softly In Skinny Jeans & Carry A Barbell: The New 'Donny!'

    I came to praise "Donny!" -- not bury him. But with this "alternative comedy," which comes from Left/Right, the same producers of "Odd Mom … Read the whole story

  • The Best Brands Focus On Loyalists, And Create Content

    Brands that are too focused on winning prospects at the expense of their best customers are going to lose. "Start with your most devoted … Read the whole story