Marketing Daily
Wednesday, October 5, 2016
  • Smart Shades: Oakley, Intel Launch New Fitness Wearable

    Called Radar Pace, the smart eyewear, priced at $449, uses a real-time coaching system activated by the wearer's voice, using commands and questions. Read the whole story

  • Colds Are Irritating; Saline Soothers Offers Salvation

    "When you get sick, you feel like the cold is on your back," Nehemiah president Richard Palmer tells "Marketing Daily." "We decided to personify … Read the whole story

  • Reebok Adds Gigi Hadid To #PerfectNever

    The campaign will focus not just on how Hadid uses fitness to "escape the noises in my head," but how all women can occasionally … Read the whole story

  • Chipotle's New Ads Tout Ingredients In Bid To Regain Trust

    The campaign's stop-action video series is set in a fairy tale-like palace where the staff of Chipotle lives to pamper, prepare and serve entitled-acting … Read the whole story

  • NRF: Holiday Spending To Rise A Healthy 3.6%

    "People have more money in their pocket and an expanded use of credit," NRF Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz says. "But they haven't over-leveraged themselves." Read the whole story

  • Jarlsberg's Red Carpet Campaign: 'I'll Have What Cheese Having'

    Jarlsberg Cheese continues to celebrate its 60th anniversary by rolling out the red carpet with a campaign running through November. The Norway-based cheese company … Read the whole story