Marketing Daily
Wednesday, January 25, 2017
  • With New CEO Aboard, Mattel Aims Barbie At Dads

    The new initiative on research that girls who have loving, supportive relationships with fathers are more likely to be self-confident and self-reliant as they … Read the whole story

  • Yoplait 'Recreates Childhood' For Revival Of Custard Line

    The updated line is intended to recreate the taste and texture that Millennials, in particular, loved when they were kids while reflecting their nutritional … Read the whole story

  • Chicago Bulls Release Snapchat Film

    "We think it's important to be consistently innovating and giving people something interesting they haven't seen before," Chicago Bulls' Luka Dukich tells "Marketing Daily." Read the whole story

  • Gronkowski, Durant Bring Sports-themed 'Shark Tank' To Go90

    "MVP" will consist of 18 10- to-12-minute episodes breaking each Wednesday, each featuring people who display their product and share what they seek from … Read the whole story

  • Digital Customers Less Loyal

    "This is a wake-up call for many organizations looking to introduce more digital channels with the aim of reducing costs and improving customer convenience," … Read the whole story