Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for December 2022
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2022
What's Red & White And Blogged All Over?
Meta Agrees To $725 Million Settlement Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal
Is Big Tech In Big Trouble?
TikTok Confirms It Spied On American Journalists
What Would A 'Decentralized' Social Media Network Look Like?
Microsoft Defends Proposed $69 Billion Activision Deal To FTC
Do We Really Need Twitter?
Marketing Politics Weekly - Monday, Dec. 19, 2022
Musk's 57.5/42.5 Rule, If The Dude Abides?
Tucker Carlson Named 'Misinformer Of The Year,' Promoted A Cast Of Others In Prime Time
Revised Web Safety Bill Still Tramples Free Speech, Opponents Say
How DE&I Is Becoming An Accountable Media Metric
MediaSense Launches DE&I Audit Program for Advertisers
Musk Suspends Leading Journalists From Twitter
Judge Puts Brakes On Meta's Proposed Location Privacy Settlement
WFA Report Finds Diversity, Sustainability, Talent Impact Agency Compensation Levels
Magna Finds Culture Eats General-Market Audio Strategies For Breakfast
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Dec. 16, 2022
What's Up Doxx?
Musk Suspends Leading Journalists From Twitter
Projection: Twitter Users To Sink To 50M+, With Flat Revenue, By 2024
Senators Make Year-End Push To Ban Behavioral Targeting To Teens
Federal Lawmakers Seek TikTok Ban
Tech Industry Sues California Over Kids' Online Safety Code
Texas 'Censorship' Law Unconstitutional, Tech Industry Tells SCOTUS
Twitter Can't Halt Texas Probe Over Content Moderation, Court Confirms
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Dec. 9, 2022
The Twitter Files: Part 3
When Is A Media Buy A Greenwashing Liability? When It's A Fossil Fuel Brand Sponsoring Climate Coverage
News Rating Service Adds Nuances To 'Exclusion,' 'Inclusion' Media-Buying Lists
Twitter To Add Advertising Controls Based On Keywords
Online Safety Bill Violates First Amendment, Critics Tell Congress
Biden Admin Weighs In On Tech Companies' Liability For Terror Attacks
Americans Are Most Likely To Say Social Media Hurts Democracy
Start-Up Platform Cinder Seeks To Battle Internet Abuse
Congress Drops Journalism Revenue-Sharing Act From Defense Bill
TikTok Faces New Lawsuits In Indiana, Bans In Other States
Texas Secessionists Bring 'Censorship' Suit Against Meta
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Dec. 2, 2022
One Hitler Wonders
Twitch Introduces 'Panic Button' Safety Feature For Streamers
Musk: Medical Genius Or COVID Superspreader?
Social Platform Moxy Adds Identity Verification Feature
Media Matters' 'No Fox Fee' Campaign Seeks To Influence DirecTV To Resist Cost Hike
Tinder Hit With Privacy Lawsuit Over Verification Selfies
Terrorist Victim's Family Urges SCOTUS To Reinstate Claims Against YouTube
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Dec. 1, 2022
Freedom Of Kvetch
FCC Should Prohibit Censorship Of Text Messages, Group Urges
All The Newsy Fit For Advertising: NewsGuard Releases TV News Risk Ratings
Social Platform Moxy Adds Identity Verification Feature
El Faro Journalists Sue Over Pegasus Spyware
Local TV Forecast To Sink 15% To $18.5B In 2023, Core TV Ads Up 3%
Broadcasters Push For Bill Allowing Them To Bargain With Tech Companies
WPP Spotlights Opportunities To Better Represent LGBTQ+ People In Advertising & Marketing