Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for December 2023
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Dec. 29, 2023
Failing To Say The Loud Part, Even Quietly
Senate Intel Committee Head Opposes Curbs On White House Contacts With Social Platforms
Antisemitic Search Queries Rise 'Massively'
Republican PAC Ad Compares Trump To Dictators
X Corp. Urges Judge To Allow Lawsuit Over Watchdog's Alleged 'Vigilantism'
'Slava Ukraini!' Why You Should Care
Meta Presses Judge To Declare FTC Structure Unconstitutional
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2023
Want To Know Who Will Win In '24 -- Ask A Prediction Market
The Year Of Super Powers, Both Good And Bad
White House Asks Supreme Court To Lift Curbs On Contact With Social Platforms
Verified Accounts, 'Community Notes' Perpetuate Misinformation On X, Study Finds
Republican PAC Ad Compares Trump To Dictators
Top Ten Sites Saw Declines In November, While 'Times of Israel' And 'Al Jazeera' Surged
Apple Wants To Train Its AI With News Publisher Content
California Kids Safety Law Draws Support From Watchdogs, FTC Commissioner
New Hampshire Publisher Handed $620 Fine For Failing To Label Political Ads
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2023
A Legacy Of Misinformation
In Coming Elections, Brands Won't Get By On Eggshells
Google To Start Limiting Election-Related Queries In 2024
Digital Advertisers See Risky Content, Misinformation As Top 2024 Media Challenge
Amazon, Microsoft Struggle With AI Inaccuracies
News Whiteouts: Edit Staff Stages Rally Against Alden Global Capital
Tech Industry Sues To Block Utah Social Media Restrictions
New Jersey Mulls Restrictions On Teens' Social Media Use
Texas-Led Coalition Sides Against Google In Chrome Privacy Battle
Substack Writers Object To Use Of Platform By Nazis
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Dec. 14, 2023
Silicon Valley Throws Its Pocketbook Into The Race
Social Platforms Want Appeals Court To Intervene In Battle Over Teen Addiction
Tucker Carlson Launching Own Streaming Service
Meta Lacks Grounds To Challenge FTC Enforcement, Agency Argues
Senate Republicans Say FCC Lacks Authority To Tighten Data Breach Rules
Ad Industry Wants FCC To Avoid Broadband Privacy Rules
Update Shows U.S. Ad Deflation Bottoming Out, Pricing Poised To Rebound In '24
Divided FCC Votes To Tighten Data Breach Notification Rules
Mother Jones Weds CIR: Nonprofit Newsrooms Agree To Merge
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Dec. 8, 2023
Include/Exclude Political Ad Spend: How Do You Vote?
TV Debate Political Plan: RNC Working Over Small, Mid-Sized Networks?
NewsNation, CW Post Lowest Viewing Of GOP Presidential Debates
The Confrontational Consumer: What Brands Miss In Cancel-Culture Fears
'The Forward' Drops Its Paywall To Serve Readers At A Critical Time
Report Blasts Social Platforms For Changing Course On Misinformation, Political Ads
Shine A Light Helps Combat Modern Antisemitism
Advertisers Challenged By TikTok Deepfakes Of Hamas Victims
'Time' Chooses Taylor Swift As Its 2023 Person Of The Year
FTC Urges Court To Turn Away Meta In Legal Fight Over Teens' Data
Florida And Texas Content Moderation Laws Create 'Chaos,' Press Advocates Tell Court
What Is RPIA And Why Should You Care?
Etsy, eBay, Others Weigh In Against Texas And Florida Content Moderation Laws
Do You Remember Twitter?
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Dec. 1, 2023
True Or False: Things Elon Musk Said This Week
The Delusion List
Musk Says Advertisers Trying To 'Blackmail' Him, Tells Them To 'Go F-Yourself'
The Washington Post Is Halting Its Advertising On X
Cable TV News November Viewing Sinks 19%, National TV Ads Down 9%
Meta Sues FTC, Claims Enforcement Action Unconstitutional
Texas And Florida Laws Would Scare Advertisers Away From Social Media, Tech Industry Argues
Google Antes Up: Will Pay Canadian Publishers $100M Per Year
General Motors Awarded Contract To Build Armored SUVs