mCommerce Daily Editions for August 2013
mCommerce Daily - Friday, Aug. 16, 2013
The Mobile Web of Shopping: The New Staples Approach
Fashion Retailers Adapting to Mobile Shoppers
AmEx Takes Stake In Mobile Start-up Kiip
Sporting Goods Retailer Deploying iOS Devices for Employees
Online Retailer Sees 40% of Transactions Coming from Mobile
Facebook Mobile Payment Test Not Competing with PayPal
Contactless Payments in Australia Hit 30%, says MasterCard Exec
Facebook Getting Into M-Payments? Sure, Pile On!
mCommerce Daily - Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013
Mobile Shopping & the Element of Time
Office Depot Sees Mobile Messaging as Differentiator
SMS, Mobile Email on Tap for Retailers Preparing for Holiday Shoppers
Venture to Launch NFC Mobile Payments in Canada
UK Mobile Shoppers Face Transaction Failures
Mobile Payments Venture in Spain Approved
mCommerce Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2013
Augmented Reality (AR) Stealthily Dressed in 3D Clothing
Mobile Conversions Rise, Most At Home
Real-time Mobile Marketing Syncs to Deals
Groupon Acquires Plumfare, Pushes Mobile Efforts
American Express, Chase Partner with Carrier Payment Network
Smartphone Users in Germany Warm to Mobile Shopping
Visa Has Big Plans for Mobile Commerce in Asia
Best Buy Canada Provides Competitor Price Data Available to Sales Staff
mCommerce Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013
The Continual Cycle of Mobile Commerce
Foursquare Check-ins Used to Drive Back-to-School Store Traffic
Facebook Partners With Open Table, Adds Mobile Reservations, TV Listings
Google Modifying Gift Card System for Mobile Wallet
Mobile Commerce Company CEO Bullish on Its Growth
Electronics Retailer Using QR Codes for In-Store Purchasing
280 Merchants Sign Up for New Mobile Wallet
'Mobile' Shopping Is Not So 'Mobile' After All
mCommerce Daily - Monday, Aug. 12, 2013
The Slow March of Mobile Payment Apps
NFC Tapped for Shopper Marketing Programs
Groupon Revenues Now Nearly 50% From Smartphones
Papa John's Pushes Messaging for Mobile Orders
Neiman Marcus Using Mobile to Drive Store Traffic
Carrier Mobile Commerce Network Adds AmEx Service
Building Blocks in Works for High Street Mobile Shopping
M-Commerce Up 24% In Second Quarter
Fingerprints, NFC, Megapixels, Oh My! iPhone 5S Rumors Peak
mCommerce Daily - Friday, Aug. 9, 2013
The Deal & the All-the-Time Mobile Shopper
Groupon Dealing with Mobile in a Big Way
Time Spent Shopping Shifts From PC To Mobile
Kohl's Leverages SMS for Back-To-School Shoppers
Mobile Finds Friendly Home in Fashion Shopping
Biometrics Seen as Aid for Mobile Payment Security
iOS, Android SDK for Payment Processing Introduced
mCommerce Daily - Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013
Augmented Reality on the Road to Purchase
PayPal Tests Mobile Payments with Face Verification
Mobile Self-Service Customer Satisfaction Increasing Demand
eBay Increasing Involvement in Full Commerce Environment, Says Top Exec
Wheaties Mobile App Game Used for Rewards
Travel Agencies Looking to Tablets for Bookings
Closed Market Hampers Mobile Payments, Says Commerce Exec
mCommerce Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013
On the Magical 20% in Mobile Commerce
H&M Adds Mobile Commerce for US Customers
Digital Shopping Rewires BTS Habits
47% Give Up on Mobile Checkout Due to Length of Process
NY Tourism Market Targeted with Discounts via App
Mobile Commerce Platform Expansion Funded
Mobile Internet Giants in China Battle for Commerce Dominance
mCommerce Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013
The Retailers Who Don't Buy into Mobile Commerce
Consumers Earn Free Yogurt via QR Codes
Do-It-All Mobile Shopping Companion Gets Funded
Augmented Reality Empowers Retailers for In-Store Innovation
Mobile Money Platform Being Expanded
Mobile Service to Pay Electric Bills Launched
But I Did Pay For That Meal: Self-Checkout And The New Awkward Moment
mCommerce Daily - Monday, Aug. 5, 2013
Holiday Shopping & the Rise in Mobile Commerce
Walmart Adds Coupons to Scan & Go App
Mobile POS Systems More Popular WIth SMBs
38% See Mobile Driving Renewed In-Store Interest
Successful Retailers Invest In Tech, Metrics To Drive Growth
Canadians Turn to Smartphones for Online Shopping
Mobile Adding to Growth of B2C Online Commerce in China
Mobile Helps Drive New Commerce Venture in China
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