Thursday, February 5, 2004
  • Ad Recovery Fuels Rebound In Magazine M&A Deals

    After a four-year drought in mergers and acquisitions, a leading investment banker specializing in media deals predicts they will begin flowing shortly on the … Read the whole story

  • Delay In Testimony Gives Stewart Brand a Boost

    For the first time since June 2002, when Martha Stewart was accused of selling ImClone shares, the brand's strength has shown some positive growth. Read the whole story

  • Nielsen Fast-Forwards PVR Ratings Plans, Unveils 'TiVo' Ratings Service

    Acknowledging the profound impact digital video recorders are having on TV viewing patterns, Nielsen Media Research Wednesday unveiled plans for a new standalone ratings … Read the whole story

  • Journal To Put Spanish-Language Business Section Into Hoy

    When The Wall Street Journal's Spanish-language edition begins to appear as a weekly pullout in Hoy next month, it will extend the newspaper's business … Read the whole story

  • New Ad Medium Hangs Out At The Mall

    Shopping centers may conjure images of meandering geriatrics and mall brats, but a Colorado-based upstart hopes a new electronic media network will infuse mall … Read the whole story