Tuesday, February 10, 2004
  • Upfront Preamble: For Advertisers, It's Still A Gamble

    Despite advertiser outcry over the two years of record upfront ad markets, no one who took part in a panel discussion Monday thinks that ... Read the whole story

  • Branded Media Work As Well Online as Off

    A recent report from Forrester has discovered the obvious, that "The Internet has sucked away the time consumers used to spend with television, newspapers, ... Read the whole story

  • Ad, Media Execs: Embrace Change, Don't Resist It

    The challenging media landscape was the current that flowed through much of Monday's Media Summit in New York, and the consensus seemed to be ... Read the whole story

  • BET Chief: What's Black And White And Not Spread All Over? Media Plans

    Just days after announcing plans to conduct one of the most ambitious research initiatives to date on African-American consumers, a top exec at media ... Read the whole story

  • Radio Ad Bureau: Ad Execs Deem Us An 'Imperfect' Medium

    The radio industry has unveiled highlights of an in-depth study indicating that advertisers and agencies consider it a tertiary advertising buy at best. The ... Read the whole story