Monday, August 28, 2006
  • eBay, Google Align, Extend Reach To Another Traditional Form Of Marketing: Talking

    At a time when both companies have been moving aggressively to extend their reach to offline advertising media, search engine Google and auction site ... Read the whole story

  • Study Finds CMO Tenures On Decline, Most At-Risk Execs

    It's tough at the top. The average tenure of chief marketing officers at America's 100 biggest consumer-brand companies continued to decline over the last ... Read the whole story

  • Arbitron Rolls Out Weekly Ratings in Houston, Buyers Wary

    Buyers reacted to Arbitron's rollout of weekly radio ratings for its Portable People Meter service last week. The radio-measurement firm released data for Houston, ... Read the whole story

  • GAO Says White House Anti-Drug Campaign Hasn't Worked

    This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. And this is the advertising part of your brain, which may appear normal, according ... Read the whole story

  • ABC Pushes Apollo Candy Bar On 'Lost'

    Move over, Cadbury and Hershey candy bars. One of your little-known, perhaps lost competitors--Apollo chocolate bars--will again have a big presence on ABC's hit ... Read the whole story