Thursday, October 25, 2007
  • Tribune: Ad Categories Hit, Overall Revs Up 4%

    Television advertising sales at Tribune Co. offered a weak financial picture in its third-quarter financial results. However, thanks solely to higher cable copyright royalities, ... Read the whole story

  • CBS Radio: All Shook Up

    CBS Radio president and CEO Dan Mason announced a major restructuring of executive management at the company on Wednesday. Some regional management positions were ... Read the whole story

  • Brandtique: 'The Biggest Loser,' Nabisco

    Increasingly, bloggers who recap episodes for TV Web sites seem to be noticing product placement and offering commentary in their summaries--often with a snarky ... Read the whole story

  • Meredith Won't Split TV, Mag Divisions

    Although some media entities are spinning off their local station businesses, the CEO of Meredith said Wednesday the company has no plans to do ... Read the whole story

  • Cablevision Rejects Dolans' Bid As Too Low

    Do the Dolans want to buy Cablevision Systems on the cheap? Mario Gabelli, whose Gamco Investors holds 8.3% of Class A shares of Cablevision, ... Read the whole story

  • Product Placements Of The Week

    1 - Covergirl 2 - Life 3 - Nabisco 4 - Chiclets 5 - QuiznosClick here to view these placements. Data and analysis provided ... Read the whole story

  • Study: Gays, Lesbians Savvy Media Consumers

    A new study of gay men and lesbians paints a portrait of fairly affluent and media-savvy consumers. The New American Dimensions and Asterix Group ... Read the whole story

  • NBC: 'Football' Break This Week

    NBC's "Sunday Night Football" will take this week off as part of its annual plan to avoid head-to-head competition with the second game of ... Read the whole story

  • DirecTV Aims High: HD Starship

    DirecTV, which has been on an advertising blitz promoting its promise to offer 100 HD channels by Jan. 1, has taken the effort further ... Read the whole story