Wednesday, January 23, 2008
  • Media Stocks Dive Along With Market

    Media stocks were not immune to the stock market's wild ride downward that dropped the Dow Jones Industrial average by a massive 500 points … Read the whole story

  • Media X: Buy American

    It's Super Bowl Time. When the media's iron hand sheds its silken glove. It drops the humble-pie masquerade and all that claptrap about consumer … Read the whole story

  • ESPN Launches Mosaic Screens For X Games

    With this week's Winter X Games, ESPN is continuing its interactive TV initiatives with Dish Network. ESPN takes over a channel on the satellite … Read the whole story

  • KFC To Super Bowl Scorer: Chicken Dance

    KFC is out to ambush the Super Bowl by potentially getting a scoring player to perform the so-called chicken dance in the end zone. … Read the whole story

  • MasterCard Mini-Drama Airs At SAG Awards

    With networks and advertisers looking for ways to retain viewers throughout commercial pods, MasterCard will air a brief drama during the first break on … Read the whole story

  • Radio Dials Trouble: More Rough Times Ahead

    Previously stuck in the doldrums, radio's boat is now springing leaks and taking on water. The maritime metaphor seems apt, as December brought the … Read the whole story

  • Mattone Named 'Spry' Publisher

    The Publishing Group of America has hired Bob Mattone, previously in charge of New York ad sales for TV Guide, as the launch publisher … Read the whole story

  • NBC Lines Up Mondays

    Give NBC its due this mixed-up broadcast year--it has figured out how to handle Monday night in 2008 so far. NBC won its second … Read the whole story