Wednesday, January 23, 2008
  • Media Stocks Dive Along With Market

    Media stocks were not immune to the stock market's wild ride downward that dropped the Dow Jones Industrial average by a massive 500 points ... Read the whole story

  • Media X: Buy American

    It's Super Bowl Time. When the media's iron hand sheds its silken glove. It drops the humble-pie masquerade and all that claptrap about consumer ... Read the whole story

  • ESPN Launches Mosaic Screens For X Games

    With this week's Winter X Games, ESPN is continuing its interactive TV initiatives with Dish Network. ESPN takes over a channel on the satellite ... Read the whole story

  • KFC To Super Bowl Scorer: Chicken Dance

    KFC is out to ambush the Super Bowl by potentially getting a scoring player to perform the so-called chicken dance in the end zone. ... Read the whole story

  • MasterCard Mini-Drama Airs At SAG Awards

    With networks and advertisers looking for ways to retain viewers throughout commercial pods, MasterCard will air a brief drama during the first break on ... Read the whole story

  • Radio Dials Trouble: More Rough Times Ahead

    Previously stuck in the doldrums, radio's boat is now springing leaks and taking on water. The maritime metaphor seems apt, as December brought the ... Read the whole story

  • Mattone Named 'Spry' Publisher

    The Publishing Group of America has hired Bob Mattone, previously in charge of New York ad sales for TV Guide, as the launch publisher ... Read the whole story

  • NBC Lines Up Mondays

    Give NBC its due this mixed-up broadcast year--it has figured out how to handle Monday night in 2008 so far. NBC won its second ... Read the whole story