Monday, December 22, 2008
  • Networks Brace For Tepid Scatter Market

    The current TV advertising market remains weak, with TV program pricing suffering. But the worst may be yet to come, especially in the second … Read the whole story

  • Lifetime Gives Cash Back To Advertisers For 'Project Runway'

    Whether "Project Runway" will ever air on Lifetime is a question as difficult to forecast as which fashions will take off next fall. As … Read the whole story

  • Reach & Phrequency: Will Music Sooth The Savage Newspaper Marketplace?

    Hoping to capitalize on their familiarity with the local cultural scene, the Philadelphia Daily News and The Philadelphia Inquirer are launching a site devoted … Read the whole story

  • Amidst Financial Woes, 'Seattle Times' Employees Take Unpaid Leave

    The Seattle Times is asking approximately 500 of its non-unionized employees to take a week's unpaid leave to give the paper breathing room as … Read the whole story

  • Ghost Of Christmas Past, CBS Dominates Holiday Rerun Season

    The networks were into their heavy holiday rerun mode--and that played into the hands of CBS, and its usual stronger repeat programming. Read the whole story