Monday, January 18, 2010
  • Leno, O'Brien Fight May Hurt NBC Advertisers

    Could problems around the Conan O'Brien/Jay Leno debacle spill over to NBC's advertisers? Media agency executives say some marketers, for example, made unique upfront … Read the whole story

  • Leno Back At 'Tonight' Chair, O'Brien Earns $40 Mil Exit Fee

    For the error of its late-night programming ways, NBC will revamp "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" after only seven months on the job … Read the whole story

  • 32 Million Hear Sirius XM Radio

    A new Arbitron survey shows that satellite radio broadcaster Sirius XM's various ad-supported channels are heard by approximately 32 million adults per week. The … Read the whole story

  • Magna: DVRs In 44% By 2015

    In five years, network programmers will be subjected to the changing effects of nearly one in two homes with DVRs. The new "On Demand" … Read the whole story

  • Stop The Presses: 'E&P' Gets New Owner

    After a fortnight in purgatory, Editor & Publisher has been resurrected and will resume both its print and online editions under new ownership. But … Read the whole story

  • Cablevision Issues Don't Impact Food, HGTV Ratings

    Scripps Networks has been pouring on the vitriol in its dispute with Cablevision. But while it may be eager to reach a deal, the … Read the whole story

  • Arbitron's New Chief Not Bullish On Acquisitions

    Even though he oversaw a slew of acquisitions while CEO at Meredith Corp., new Arbitron chief Bill Kerr said his "philosophic bias" leans toward … Read the whole story

  • New ETrade 'Baby' Arrives During Super Bowl

    ETrade is introducing a new series of "Talking Baby" ads, including a spot that will debut during the Super Bowl. Five new spots will … Read the whole story