Monday, September 27, 2010
  • Burke To Replace Zucker At NBC After Comcast Merger

    Current NBCU head Jeff Zucker said he would leave once the General Electric-Comcast transaction closed. On Sunday, Comcast COO Steve Burke was named the … Read the whole story

  • Commercial Confusion Across Demos, 21% Always Stumped

    Marketers may have bigger issues than TV viewers who fast-forward through commercials. Many viewers can be outright confused over their ad messages. The bigger … Read the whole story

  • GetGlue Signs Big TV Nets for Social Fan Site

    GetGlue, a social network sometimes described as "like FourSquare, but for entertainment," says it has added a number of major TV networks to its … Read the whole story

  • Road Trip: Discovery's Travel Soars In Value

    Less than a year after grabbing a controlling stake in the Travel Channel, a Wall Street analyst indicated the value of Scripps Networks' investment … Read the whole story

  • Internet Trumps TV, Newspapers For News

    Americans feel they are better-informed than ever, and devote more attention to getting news, according to a new report by Rasmussen Reports. But it's … Read the whole story

  • DirectTV Pushes Local Ads To Grab Cable Share

    In a mature market for video subscribers, DirecTV will look to HD DVRs, massive VOD offerings and "NFL Sunday Ticket" to pry customers away … Read the whole story

  • 'Big' Gets 'Bang' On Thursdays, 'Dad' Holds Own

    CBS delivered what it set out to do in moving its rising comedy "The Big Bang Theory" to a high-profile Thursday time slot: a … Read the whole story