Tuesday, January 25, 2011
  • Organic Growth Drives Media Market

    Over the next year to two years, 82% of media industry executives say "organic growth" will be the big driver of their businesses. Companies … Read the whole story

  • Hey Football Fans, Wouldn't It Be Funny if You Were All Homosexuals?

    I guess there are only a handful of memes available to Super Bowl advertisers, and one that seems to keep on resurfacing, including a … Read the whole story

  • Miller Heads NBC Sports Agency

    With Comcast adding many TV sports properties to the NBC Universal mix in its soon-to-be-closed merger, NBC is starting up a new in-house ad/marketing … Read the whole story

  • Syndication Execs Debate Future Of Turbulent First-Run Market

    A top syndication executive said first-run hits can give a station "more leverage" in retransmission consent negotiations, since the content is exclusive in a … Read the whole story

  • Olbermann's Exit May Cost MSNBC Ad Revs

    MSNBC might feel a little pinch from advertisers now that Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" -- one of the network's highest-rated programs -- has ended. The … Read the whole story

  • WPP's Sorrell Calls For Pay Model For Content

    WPP Group CEO Martin Sorrell said Monday he believes it is imperative that a pay model for content should dominate, since media companies need … Read the whole story

  • Digital Futures: MinnPost Breaks Even In 2010

    MinnPost -- a pioneering digital newspaper covering Minnesota and regional Midwestern news -- broke even last year, running a small surplus on total expenditures … Read the whole story

  • iAd Not Much Of An Ad Fad

    The Apple iPad and iPhone may have captivated consumers and the tech trade press, but Apple's mobile iAd platform still doesn't rank particularly high … Read the whole story

  • Sunbeam Drops Trade Claim, Pursues Monopoly Charge

    Sunbeam Television, which owns the Fox station in Miami, has dropped two charges against Nielsen that alleged unfair trade practices and breach of contract. … Read the whole story