Friday, November 30, 2012
  • Source It: PHD Revamps Global Planning With Gaming System

    The Omnicom media shop is installing a global "operating system" for internal communications and client planning that utilizes the same type of technology platform … Read the whole story

  • AccentHealth Acquires Havas Ad Biz

    AccentHealth, which operates place-based networks in physician waiting rooms, has acquired a wall-mounted ad business from Havas. The deal allows the company to add … Read the whole story

  • Olson To Direct Horizon's TrendSights

    Horizon Media has tapped veteran cultural trendspotter Kirk Olson as director of the agency's TrendSights operation, a new unit at the shop. Read the whole story

  • Nick Stabilizes Losses, Disney Tops With Kids

    Although still losing ground, Nickelodeon narrowed its ratings declines in the key November demo versus previous periods. At the same time, other big kids … Read the whole story

  • Triton Serves Ads For Xbox Music

    Triton Digital is teaming up with Microsoft to provide a number of services for Xbox Music, a new streaming digital audio platform available on … Read the whole story

  • TiVo CEO: Tebow 'Astonishing' Personality

    TiVo CEO Tom Rogers said Thursday he expects Tim Tebow to spark "some real chatter about our uniqueness." TiVo recently hired the New York … Read the whole story

  • Mag Bag: Next Issue Adds New Titles to iPad Catalog

    Next Issue Media, the company formed by a consortium of big magazine publishers to expand the market for digital magazines, is adding eight new … Read the whole story

  • Golf Channel Pushes 'Different' Agenda

    Speaking strongly to its core -- sometimes eccentric -- viewers, the Golf Channel has started up a new brand campaign with the theme: "We … Read the whole story

  • No Business Like Trump Business

    Poor Donald. He's fallen off the fame cliff, and he can't get up. Read the whole story

  • Conversion Rates Up 50%, BS Up 100%

    When, as I often am, you are called to listen to an early-stage ad-tech company principal explain what they do and how it will … Read the whole story