Monday, December 31, 2012
  • Forecast: Solid Growth For Global Ad Spend

    Media advertising spending grew 5.4% to just under $519 billion in 2012 -- up over the 3.6% growth rate in 2011, says eMarketer. This ... Read the whole story

  • 2100 Trust May Bid On Tribune Newspapers

    Aaron Kushner, CEO of the 2100 Trust, said Thursday his company may want to acquire some or all of Tribune's newspapers, including the flagship ... Read the whole story

  • TV Talk Strongest In Face-To-Face Exchanges

    While social media TV activity continues to grow during the time people watch TV, the biggest TV-related activity is still talking with someone in ... Read the whole story

  • Entertainment Tops Among Online Viewers

    Despite a contentious presidential election, an unprecedented natural disaster, and an Olympics that tested the limits of cross-platform media coverage, entertainment kept online video ... Read the whole story

  • Pearson Buys Stake In Barnes & Noble's Nook

    Aiming to expand its digital distribution, publishing and education company Pearson PLC has agreed to invest $89.5 million in cash for a 5% stake ... Read the whole story

  • 2013: The Year In Review, In Advance

    As the page turns on another year, by federal law we unelected media elites are obliged to say our annual sooth. Not only are ... Read the whole story