Thursday, January 17, 2013
  • Gracenote, Invidi Deal Ups Real-Time Ad For TV

    Gracenote's recognition technology, combined with Invidi's advertising system, can allow advertisers to select certain households and individual audience demographics and dynamically insert commercials to … Read the whole story

  • Agency Search Process Needs Extreme Makeover

    For marketers considering conducting an agency review, search consultant Avi Dan has some advice -- forget the RFP. And can the so-called "pitch meeting" … Read the whole story

  • CBS Restructures Outdoor Biz

    CBS Corp. is shaking up its outdoor advertising business with a corporate restructuring that will divest CBS Outdoor's overseas business and convert its U.S. … Read the whole story

  • Paper Cuts: 'Star Ledger,' Smaller Newspapers Slash Jobs, Frequency

    'The Star Ledger' of Newark, New Jersey's largest daily newspaper, announced that it is laying off 34 employees, including 19 full-time employees and 15 … Read the whole story

  • Fashion Marketers Line Up To Support 'Face'

    The run of marketers linking with Oxygen's upcoming become-a-supermodel competition come from various notches in the fashion business. Marshalls plays a top-line sponsor role … Read the whole story

  • CBS Easily Wins Tuesday With Its 'NCIS' Shows

    CBS continues to own the early part of the TV week -- easily winning a mid-January Tuesday night with its still-strong "NCIS" shows after … Read the whole story

  • Detroit Labs Takes 'Best In Show' At Creative Media Awards

    Detroit Labs, a mobile apps shop that is less than two years old, took "Best in Show" during MEDIA magazine's Creative Media Awards Thursday … Read the whole story

  • Consumers Conflicted About Tech Impact On Health

    The digital era provides access to health information. But there's also growing concern that computers and the rise of social networks promote the sedentary … Read the whole story

  • The Whole Story - Lunch-Break Media

    Twenty years ago, it's a pretty safe bet that the media profile of the average working person's weekday lunch break will have been dominated … Read the whole story