Monday, February 25, 2019
  • Newspapers Reap Windfall From Netflix Oscar Spending

    To back its heavily favored Oscar "Best Picture" nomination, Netflix has spent $7.3 million on paid media advertising since early December, according to estimates … Read the whole story

  • Google's Biggest Financial Mistake

    Google may have given away its ecommerce dominance when the company switched to a pay-to-play business model for Google Shopping in 2012. Read the whole story

  • Ups And Downs Of Data, Programmatic: Q&A With News Corp's Chris Guenther

    Chris Guenther, global head of programmatic for News Corp, shares his thoughts on some of the benefits, challenges and flaws of programmatic technology. Read the whole story

  • Trade Desk, Roku Post Soaring Stock Hikes

    Early morning stock market trading of The Trade Desk was up a massive 32% to $198.10. Roku was up a strong 21% to $62.38. Read the whole story

  • Wix, Captain Marvel Team Up On Turbo Campaign

    Marvel Studios' first female-led superhero, Captain Marvel, emerged Monday to save the universe -- and perhaps also Wix's 147 million users worldwide. Read the whole story

  • Facebook Accused On More Privacy Violations, Investigations Underway

    In light of a new report accusing Facebook of spying on consumers' most sensitive information, lawmakers are calling for new investigations into the company. Read the whole story

  • Is Every Company A Media Company?

    A pair of content marketing pros argue that case. They've launched a new firm that aims to help companies plan and execute content strategies. Read the whole story