MAD Agency Daily
Wednesday, September 22, 2021
  • Truth's New Vape Product Is Smooth, Satisfying And Depressing

    Decades ago smoking foes referred to cigarettes as cancer sticks. Now Truth is promoting 'Depression Sticks" for the vaping generation. Read the whole story

  • Starcom Is First Half's Global Pitch King

    That's according to agency tracker COMvergence, which is out with a new "Business Barometer" report detailing media agency new business activity for the first … Read the whole story

  • Sendinblue Acquires Three Ecommerce Firms For $47 Million

    Sendinblue's acquisition of Chatra, Metrilo and PushOwl will bring chat, push and analytic capabilities, the company says. Read the whole story

  • Do I Have Your 'Attention?'

    Attention measurement and metrics stole the show during the first day of the ARF's annual Audience x Science Conference along with the whole topic … Read the whole story

  • 'Customer Lifecycle' Grabs Attention Of Brands, Agencies Focus On 'Loyalty'

    As the ongoing debate between customer retention and acquisition continues, one thing is for certain: managing the entire "customer lifecycle" is arguably one of … Read the whole story

  • Making Sense Of Willful Ignorance

    The very same technology that enables willful ignorance has made more information available than ever before. Read the whole story

  • Walmart, Kyra Media Partner On TikTok Home Improvement Channel

    The channel features a TikTok-native interior design content intended to resonate with the Gen Z audience. Read the whole story